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Saltwater Fishing Options

Many species, all kinds of fun

Win a fishing adventure worth $3,000. CLICK HERE

Great Saltwater Fishing

Salmon fishing BC is world-class.  Blackfish Lodge is in prime position to intercept the millions of migrating salmon that go through the bottleneck of British Columbia’s Inside Passage.  Blackfish Lodge is situated to take full advantage of the presence of these fish.

A Lodge guest scores a big one as Mom and Dad enjoy the moment.

A Lodge guest scores a big one as Mom and Dad enjoy the moment.

Trolling is our method of choice and, year after year, our guests really appreciate how consistent our fishing remains. The area is also home to some excellent BC halibut fishing—some spots are within just a few minutes of the lodge. Our largest halibut, which was landed in the 2005 season, topped out at 200 pounds!

Best Time to Fish

Halibut are a fine catch throughout the season

Halibut are a great catch throughout the season

When’s the best time to come salmon fishing in BC?  Or would you like to combine salmon and halibut fishing? Click here for a month-by-month description of our season.

Variety of Species

In addition to all types of Pacific salmon (chinook, coho, pink, sockeye, and chum), the area also produces large halibut, ling cod, snapper, and a variety of other saltwater species.

Catch Limits

Generally, the salmon fishing BC catch limit has been four salmon per day of which two may be chinook. We encourage our guests to practice conservation and keep only as many fish as you’ll want to eat. You are allowed to take home a total of eight salmon per person. Of these eight salmon, you

A fine father and son day

A fine father and son day

can keep a maximum of four chinook. The other four can be a combination of any other of the species. In order to protect some BC fish stocks, retention of wild coho has been limited, but for several years regulations have allowed for retention of one hatchery coho and one wild coho. Currently, the halibut limit is one fish per guest.


Blackfish Lodge has one 21´ Grady-White and two 19´, open, “Boston Whaler” type boats. Each boat is fully equipped with GPS, downrigger gear, depth sounders, and quiet, smokeless 4-cycle trolling motors. Personal floatation devices are provided for all guests.

The lodge has standard BC salmon fishing and halibut gear for all guests. Our typical setup is a 9’ mooching rod with a single action (a.k.a. “knucklebuster”) reel. However, if you have a favorite fishing setup, you’re welcome to bring it along. See the Things You Will Need  section. All licenses, tackle, bait and fuel are included in our rates.

Bringing some salmon home?

Fresh coho filets ready for lunch. Standard guide shore lunch in BC and AK.

Fresh coho filets

Your catch will be cleaned, thoroughly washed, and cold-stored to preserve optimal freshness. As most of our guests depart via floatplane, space limitations do not permit boxing your fish at the lodge. We do not have access to smoking or canning facilities nor do Fisheries and Oceans Canada allow us to do much in the way of preparation. If your trip home is via floatplane, your fish will usually ride home in storage wells located in the floats of the airplane. There are facilities in both Campbell River and at Kenmore Air who will assist you in packaging your fish for airline or surface transport to your home.  Would you like your fish processed or smoked and sent to you? Stop in at Jensen’s Smokehouse in Seattle after you land.  In Campbell River, visit St. Jeans Cannery and Smokehouse.